8 Surprisingly Affordable European Capitals You Should Visit

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Traveling to Europe doesn’t have to be expensive. With new promotions launching on social media every day and the increasing competition among airlines, flights are getting more and more affordable. Also, sites for home swapping or couch surfing are getting popular, making the housing reasonable too.

And above all else, some destinations in Europe are a lot cheaper, if you don’t mind changing Rome for much less crowded places to visit. Here, we bring you information about some places under the radar that are just as beautiful and vibrant as big European capitals.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Trams

A cheap place to stay and to eat, Lisbon has from 12 century Moorish castles, to the 18th century heart of the city, built after the big earthquake of 1755.

There is the Lisboa card, that allows you to travel in public transportation and enter to important tourist attractions, like the monastery of Saint Jeronimus or Torre de Belem for a fixed price. But we highly recommend visiting La Alfama neighbourhood on foot.

Festivals with free activities are very common in summer and beaches are beautiful. Don’t miss a porco preto and a glass of wine when you visit and enjoy the sights.

Tallinn, Estonia

A mixture of old and new architecture, it is said to be the most beautiful city of the Balkans. It’s been on the rise in a strong digital era ever since the falling of the Iron Curtain.

It has excellent restaurants, where you can taste the traditional black bread, sult or verevost.

It is one of the best conserved medieval urban areas in all Europe, where you can see Rakoja Plats, the city square that holds the city council. From there you could walk along Viru street, where you will find cozy cafes and beer houses. If you want the best panoramic view, visit Toompea neighbourhood, where you can find the perfect platform to take the best photo of this amazing city.

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

This city has a little of a gambling side, with numerous casinos and gambling houses. The nightlife enriches with numerous bars.

Some of the attractions include Saint Peters Church, the beautiful art nouveau architecture and the City hall, dated in 1756. It also has an important museum regarding the occupations that the country suffered along the 20th century. You may take a walking tour around the city and also visit some of the low cost attractions, like the porcelain museum.

Prague, Czech Republic

With its romantic atmosphere, Prague is a favorite destination for those who look for a culturally rich and spectacular city. It has goth, baroque and renaissance architecture that surprises and marvels every traveler.

Make sure to cross the Charles bridge, that connects the city center to Mala Strana – offering you a wonderful sight of Prague’s castle, which we recommend to explore calmly to enjoy all the history that it has to offer. At the Old Town Hall Tower, you will have the opportunity to see the world-famous astrological clock. And of course, the Wallenstein Gardens will give you beautiful views and a little green area in the heart of the city.

Prague is a city of beer houses and they make delicious brews, so be prepared to spice up your visit with the variety of night time entertainment, which includes from pubs to dance clubs.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungry

Sometimes referred to as the pearl of the Danube, Budapest has a collection of fine arts statues and buildings in the exterior. A combination of several centuries of architecture styles, that range from neo gothic to art nouveau. It’s really enjoyable to walk around and discover the city using free walking tours, with knowledgeable guides.

We can’t forget to mention the excellent cuisine of Budapest, specially the world-famous goulash, that you will be able to taste in its most traditional recipe. Also, you can’t miss the woodcraft market, where you can get the most wonderful souvenirs.

If you need to relax after the long walks, you can take a few days at the thermal spa for an affordable price. You can combine the thermal baths with other services, like massage or a wellness treatment.

Athens, Greece

The cradle of western civilization, there are plenty of reasons to go to Athens. The new pedestrian Archaeological Promenade is a fabulous opportunity to get into the city’s culture.

The many tourist attractions from Athens include the Parthenon to the Acropolis. But also, we want to highlight the prominent nightlife, full of bars, underground dance clubs and venues with live music. Also, the proximity to the sea provides many options to enjoy water sports, like windsurfing and kite surfing.

Greek food is famous all around the world, plenty of seafood and Mediterranean ingredients including olive oil, wheat and garlic.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow Bridge

With attractions as wonderful as the Red Square, the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb, Moscow needs no introduction.

Once a very expensive city for travelers, since the collapse of the Ruble it became much more affordable. There are plenty of shopping centers and nightclubs. You can even get to the Bolshoi to see the ballet or take a boat ride along the river Moscova.

In the last years, several former industrial factories have turned into art galleries, where you can acquire stunning souvenirs and some beautiful pieces for your art collection.

We hope this article has inspired you to visit some new destinies. Traveling is the best way to learning about new cultures and enrich your life with experiences. We recommend you give these affordable capitals of Europe the opportunity to amaze you.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is a modern city with a wonderful combination of all the cultures that invaded it sometime in its long history. Vitosha mountain has seen the Greek, Romans, Ottomans and Soviet occupations pass.

Along with beautiful architecture that reflects the multicultural past of the city, it also has a cosmopolitan feeling to it.

There are plenty of Roman ruins from 2000 years ago. And if you want to spend some time in nature, you can head to Mount Vitosha that is just a short bus ride away from the city center. At Mount Vitosha, you will be able to enjoy hiking or skiing in winter.