The 8 Best Beaches In the World You Need to Have Seen

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Heading to the beach is always a happy thought. Uninterrupted swimming in warm water, cracking open that book while your dog lovingly splashes you with drops of saltiness, or just laying on the sandy bed and getting tanned with waves singing in the background is what you need. Add to that beach parties, beach weddings, and beach holidays, it is easy to see that there is not much that could be better than a day in the sun.

Still, this all might change once you actually reach the beach, and get sunburn while you’re searching for an empty piece of land to put your towel down. It turns out that you can’t hear your own thoughts, let alone read, while some abominable kid keeps splashing you with cold water and tosses sand, or even worse, rocks, on you during one of the tantrums. Finding solace in the water is another mission impossible, as rocky shallows filled with sea urchins and huge, splashing, waves make your entrance quite a miserable experience.

It is a true shame that not all beaches are deserving of your presence. Still, there are those that are, and that will make spending the time a memorable experience. Here is the list of top eight unforgettable beaches in the world where you deserve to live out your dreams of perfection.

1. Hidden Beach (Love Beach), Mexico

Probably the best place to be if you want to experience the sheer beauty and unique quirks of an isolated beach. Hidden from the outside world, by being quite literally encircled by rocks, this beach can be reached through a secret water tunnel. The unfortunate truth is, this place went viral several years ago, but the good news is that only six visitors are allowed on the beach at the time. It is a bit on the adventurers’ side rather than a relaxing time but is definitely worth every second you spend there.

2. Makena Beach, Hawaii

Makena Beach Sunset

Hawaii is a synonym for a good time, new experiences, and relaxing holidays. This beach is perfect for those looking to enjoy some quality time in the sun. It is, however, famous for its sunsets, which paint the sea and sand in a beautiful and picturesque salmon color. Entirely on the slow side during the day, this sandy beach offers gorgeous views, stretching over the Pacific, with other Hawaiian islands in the distance and the perfect place to unwind.

3. Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia

Ora Beach Indonesia

If you love spending your time on the sand with the special someone, Ora Beach is probably the most romantic place you could head on to. With emerald ocean flowing through the jungle islands, perfect sand, and lovely sunsets, it is extraordinary that this beach is not overflowing with tourists throughout the year. The crowds are obviously enjoying themselves elsewhere, as you and your special someone will be able to have the beach for yourselves more often than not. The best part is the opportunity to rent tiny tiki huts on the water, and have your evening drink on the most beautiful porch ever.

4. El Castillo, Mexico

Another gem from Mexico, this is the right pick if you want all of your senses engaged while on the beach. The beach itself is perfect, with sugary white sands and clear water. You could enjoy the view of colorful fishing boats cutting through the endless blue, providing you with enticing visual entertainment. They seem to be dancing to the salsa music you can hear in the background, which stems from numerous salsa festivals that take place in the nearby city. When you are done tanning, make sure to explore the nearby Mayan ruins, towering the beach!

5. Pelican Beach, Belize

Pelican Beach, Belize

This beach effortlessly deserves its “sealife heaven” title and is the place to be if you want to see and discover the wonderful world under the sea and its residents. Just several minutes of swimming on this beach will take you to the Marine Reserve. This 20 feet of water is home to many colorful and breathtaking corals, friendly sea turtles, and some frantic angelfish. Get to know and see these gorgeous creatures, and get ready to brag about it once you are home!

6. Praia de Marinha, Portugal

Praia de Marinha, Portugal

If you can’t separate from your camera and love making pictures while spending time on the beach, head on to Praia de Marinha, one of the most photogenic beaches in the world. Don’t expect the blue water or seashells to be your focus – you will more likely gravitate toward golden cliffs and fine sand. Create some beautiful videos while you swim around the arches, and climb up the cliffs for the most envy-causing selfies.

7. Mindhdhoo Beach, Maldives

Unlike other places on this list, Mindhdhoo Beach is the place to be at night. It’s not the parties that will blow your mind here, but the otherworldly sight of the sea glowing in the dark. This place too went viral on the internet for its striking beauty. Bio-luminescence is the reason behind this wonder, or actually a quite many tiny creatures living in the water that are capable of glowing in the dark. Take a stroll on the beach at night, and leave your glowing footprints in the sand, as this experience will do just the same for your cherished memories.

8. Blue Lagoon, Turkey

Blue Lagoon, Turkey

After glowing in the dark experience, Blue Lagoon might look like a dull thing to visit. Still, if you are looking for a place to spend your days in the sand, unwind and properly unplug, there is no calmer place to be. Very still waters are prominent in this lagoon, and they tend to fall on the white sand of the beach a bit too gently. Nothing about this beach and its turquoise waters can cause you anxiety as the atmosphere is utterly relaxing. Still, for a bit of action, you could always participate in one of the water-related activities that could be found in the area, for a bit of thrill to interrupt the stillness on the sand.

A happy reality

Depending on what you are looking for in a beach, each of these is an exciting place to be and see. Spoil yourself with a visit to one of them, and you will return tanned, relaxed, and most importantly, happy!