The Carribean: Which Island is The Best For You?

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With the first rays of the sun, the craving for a perfect holiday becomes unbearable. It was just a thought that popped in your mind during your daily commute but is quickly becoming a near necessity!

So you ask your friends for their recommendations, and you cringe with their answers. No, you are not taking two children and three dogs with you, and no, you don’t plan on hiking for days on end. You do notice the pattern, though – they all went to the Caribbean.  

The Caribbean is truly “a one size fits all” vacation destination. With quite many different islands, it is almost impossible not to have the perfect holiday, regardless of your preferences. So, how do you pick the right island? Here are some of our recommendations split into 5 categories for you.

1. “I just need to unplug.”

When you are overly stressed out, you are probably dreaming of a hammock on a deserted island with no other human in sight. If you are trying really hard not to punch your co-worker in the face and taking long naps in the afternoon, then a popular tourist destination buzzing with people is probably not what you are after.


The island that no one has ever heard off is probably the best place to relax. Packed with gorgeous beaches and beautiful tropical nature, this could be the place to kick your feet up in the air and relax. Laze on the sand and enjoy fantastic food, and then head on to the smaller island, which is perfect for a fantastic night out.

Turks and Caicos

With over 300 small islands that constitute Turks and Caicos, the beautiful and remote beaches are in abundance. It is perfect for beach-hopping, and therefore for avoiding anyone that comes your way. If you start missing the conversation, head on to the Providenciales, a laid back city where you will instantly find a crowd.

Stunning Caribbean beach

2. “It’s family time.”

If you are heading on to vacation with your whole family and a zoo, remote islands with beautiful beaches might not be enough. The holiday you are picking must provide a delicate balance between comfort and convenience, especially if traveling with kids.


This destination pick is a no-brainer, in every sense. It has the right amount of beautiful beaches to enjoy your holiday, while still packing all the necessities you are probably used to. Filled with malls, fantastic restaurants, and bars, you’ll be guaranteed a stress-free vacation.

St Kitts

If you are looking for more than just beaches but rather a place that has some off-the-sand activities, St Kitts is probably the best pick. You can satisfy the explorer’s side of your family with a fun day trip, and get the unique chance to learn how to speak like a pirate while visiting pirate-era Brimstone Hill Fortress.

3. “I’m on a budget, though”

Even if you are not, not every vacation has to cost you an arm and a leg. There are several opportunities in the Caribbean that you can explore, and save up for another trip while you are at it.


This island is the spot for those on a budget. With quite cheap accommodation, fascinating history, and capital within walking distance, there are a bunch of opportunities to save a buck or two. It is also packed with numerous water-related activities, such as diving and snorkeling, so you don’t have to be bored on a budget, either.


Cuban Resort

Quite reasonably priced Cuba is another excellent destination that is, unrelated to the budget, a must-try. From gorgeous beaches to astonishing architecture, just existing in Cuba is enough. Exploring Havana will take days, and you will get an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the music and booming cuisine culture. It will be worth every penny.

4. “I’m just here for the party.”

If being isolated in a hammock on a beach is not your style, and you genuinely need the crowd to get the most out of your vacation, then you can rest assured that there is an island to provide you with a unique experience for that. Carnivals are in abundance on the Caribbean!


With a rather unique party scene, Trinidad is the place to be when it comes to having fun in the best way possible. The several week-lasting parties that will have you in the no-sleep phase, filled with glorious music, dancing, and mouthwatering food are just a prelude – when you think you had enough, the Carnival, effortlessly matching the one in Rio, begins!

British Virgin Islands

BVI Ocean View

A little bit on the high-end side of the experience, if glam, champagne, and the yacht is your thing. Head on to BVI for some exquisite sunset cocktails, luxury yacht experiences, or full-moon parties. If you are looking for your happy sailing into the sunset, there is no place better to be.

5. “I’m here for some adrenaline.”

If you are one of those people that get to have their morning jog before hitting the office and then hitting the gym right after, a slow day on a beach will bore you to death. Luckily, in the Caribbean, each island offers quite an amount of water-related activities you could enjoy and try out.  Some offer even more.


This island got just the right nickname: “nature island.” Filled with opportunities and beautiful nature to explore, it is no wonder that many adventurers choose this one. With rainforests and waterfalls, peaks and valleys, your search for excitement can begin. This island is perfect for climbers, trekkers, and nature lovers. Dedicate six hours for trekking to reach the boiling lake or head on to Champagne beach and reef for one-of-a-kind diving experience.

St Vincent

With a bit of everything and perfect for those who can’t stand still, St Vincent is just the right choice. You might find yourself hiking La Soufriere volcano one day, and relax on the Kingstown beach the next day. Head on to the Vermont Nature trail through the rainforest, or take Dark Views Falls tour for a gentle watery massage. Of course, once there, you could become a pirate for a day – on the former set of the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Which one is your pick?

With more than 7000 islands, filled with beautiful beaches and unique experiences, the Caribbean will leave no one wishing for more. Pick your perfect island, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience!