Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia

The 8 Best Beaches In the World You Need to Have Seen

Heading to the beach is always a happy thought. Uninterrupted swimming in warm water, cracking open that book while your dog lovingly splashes you with drops of saltiness, or just laying on the sandy bed and getting tanned with waves singing in the background is what you need. Add to

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Athens Acropolis

8 Surprisingly Affordable European Capitals You Should Visit

Traveling to Europe doesn’t have to be expensive. With new promotions launching on social media every day and the increasing competition among airlines, flights are getting more and more affordable. Also, sites for home swapping or couch surfing are getting popular, making the housing reasonable too. And above all else,

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The Carribean: Which Island is The Best For You?

With the first rays of the sun, the craving for a perfect holiday becomes unbearable. It was just a thought that popped in your mind during your daily commute but is quickly becoming a near necessity! So you ask your friends for their recommendations, and you cringe with their answers.

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